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Erika started a women's strength gym. Knowing she needed a social media presence to help her gym grow she tried setting up her phone on a timer. She hoped other people would take photos she could repost. She edited everything in black and white to make up for bad lighting in a warehouse gym setting.

Then she found us. But I'll let her tell you more:

"I’ve been lucky enough to have Kay and Amy do 7 sessions for me and my gym over the years. I couldn’t be happier with the incredible work these ladies do and the amount of heart that they put into it. Their photography and talent have been an integral part of building my brand since day one. They have truly been able to capture the magic that goes on between the four walls of StrongHER Fitness – the laughs, the bonds, and the hard work. It can be awkward having your picture taken mid-workout, but Amy and Kay have always been SO amazing at not only making my clients feel comfortable, confident and at ease, but being able to capture them in a natural, organic way, like the camera isn’t even there. Aside from their talent, their technical prowess and knowledge are bar none. I’m always so excited to log into my gallery after each shoot and see how they were able to bring each moment to life. Their skills, professionalism, and creativity truly set them apart and Walker Studios will always be the official photographers of SHF. I highly recommend working them!"

StrongHER Fitness

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Kelly may be a little different from my usual clients, she's actually a blogger! But technically she's her own brand and knows she has to present herself well. With companies reaching out to work with her and raising two little ones now, she knew she needed to outsource photos (her husband agreed!).

If anyone is going to tell you that you need a cohesive pretty Instagram feed, it's going to be an influencer! A monthly retainer works perfectly for making sure she has great photos of herself and the products she works with brands on collabs with. 

But you don't have to take my word for it:

"As a full time blogger, having high quality images is crucial to what I do. Working with her has been such a valuable asset to me in my career as the images are always gorgeous and she is more than wonderful to work with!" -Kelly

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Simply Chickie

Gwen started her organic baby line a few years ago and was finding she was running out of time and inspiration to take product photos. She knew what she wanted them to look like. She had inspiration boards saved. But she knew she couldn't do it alone. She is officially my longest running product client! After three years working with her, she's upgraded from just product photos, to both lifestyle, and brand story photos. Now every time she has a new design she sends them right over for me to get on our adorable baby models.

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"Sometimes I feel like I send a box of chaos to photograph--onesies, t-shirts, hats, blankets, and boxes filled with my products--like splat--a giant Jackson Pollack painting. And, through her kind, discerning, creative self and camera lenses she returns beautiful Monet paintings that make sense and are full of love. Frequently, my breath is taken away when I open the email "your pictures are ready." I have been using her for several years, and I feel like part of the family."- Gwen

and a few other things we've worked on:

online gifting company

lifestyle magazine

boutique store

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