Food & Drink Photography

We all know fine food and drinks make the world 100% better. But, in a culture saturated with new restaurants how do you even get your business seen? How does your shop stand out from the rest? With branding photography it's not just a restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop anymore. It's your story, your passion being told. 

I'm here to help show your audience the artist behind the menu, the atmosphere of your location, and spruce up your socials at the same time! I want to help you tell your stories through beautiful images.

Perfect for small coffee shops and restaurants OR seasoned restaurant owners who need an overhaul because you know people eat with their eyes first. And first impressions are everything. 

What Exactly is it?

If you're new to the brand photography world, you may be confused about what exactly it is. That's okay! It's a little bit different from what you may be used to. But if you've been on Instagram for even 2 minutes you'll see most food photography has you drooling and visiting Open Table as fast as you can to see if theres a resi available. Customers, clients, followers... they're no longer looking for just a professional photo of you on an about page with a low-lit photo of your steak you sold last fall. They're looking for a reason to visit your spot, they're looking for detailed online menus with photos to accompany them because I'm pretty sure most people don't actually know what carpaccio is or radicchio looks like. They're looking for connection. They're looking to hear your story and support your passion because they want in on it too. 

That's why I offer food & drink photography sessions. All encompassing shoots with your space, your menu, and the people behind the menu! I want to help you tell your story through cohesive brand photos in order to help your followers become loyal fans. I don't want to take just another pretty photo of an iced coffee, but instead you serving it up to happy customers. I want to replace the phone photos and give you professional, engaging, content. Let's put your best stuff forward, rather than a stiff pose ;)

What to Expect

sure I'm taking pictures of you, your kitchen, your menu items. but I want to show your clients who you really are! It's time to get personal and I promise to bring the relaxed vibes so you feel natural in your photos and your space is highlighted.

because I know true to life colors and crisp photos are important for brand trust and clean websites!

every brand has their own story and I'm going to find it. Then, we're going to tell it through photography!
No shoot is exactly like another.

The Story session

Approx 1 hour of candids photos of real guests or models, with optional empty location shots.
Capturing: - the atmosphere, the service, the vibe, the kitchen

*starting at $500

The People Session

Approx 2 hours of candid and posed portraits of:
- the owners, the staff at work, the chef, the cooks, the servers, the barista, the team

*starting at $750

The Menu Session

Plated Menu Items
Drinks and Cocktails
Pairings and Specials

*starting at $900

Package prices vary based on size of location, team, and menu. *VIP F&B packages available to encompass all 3 categories
**more info on what the "session" is, below

The Categories

Details on the Sessions

You own a coffee shop and source your beans straight from your family farm in Puerto Rico. Your shop is a gathering place for family and friends just like your family dreamed of. This session highlights the shop, the atmosphere, the service and you in action providing an excellent product to your consumer. 

In this session we'll take a mix of professional headshots and candids in your restaurant so your followers can build a connection with you and your team getting to know the people who serve them what they love. Whether its chef on the line, the barista at the front, or a full team photo, your smiling faces will make people feel at home.

This session is purely to highlight your food and beverage items you offer. We can take photos of every single menu item to list on your door dash menu or we can stage specials and pairings of your fav food and drinks to fill your Instagram feed. I'll take photos of martinis being poured and lobster tails steaming on a butter filled plate. You want your guest coming back for more so be sure to show them the newest artistry your Chef added to the menu this month. 

Rave Reviews from a few of My Favs

I've been doing this for a while now and while i'm quite the foodie myself and have worked in restaurants for over 15 years, i understand you might not instantly trust me... so go ahead and listen to what these people have to say: 

Amy has years of restaurant knowledge being a server at Heirloom in New Haven for me, and knowing she has spent her time in restaurants long before we ever met. Her knowledge transfers well to apply to her food photography. She photographed our menu items @HeirloomNewHaven for 3+ years documenting the tasty and ever changing food and drinks we offered. Her and her sister were always professional and fun to work with while giving our website an artistic approach to showing off our food. If she if ever in my area again I will use her skills again!

Francisco Genao
"As a food and beverage manager at a fine dining restaurant there is ALOT to take care of. Taking photos of the menu items before I send them out to my tables is the last thing on my mind. Most of the time people have dug their forks into the plate before I even think "oh shoot I should've taken a pic of that one." Honestly the night is over before I even remember to snag a photo for Instagram. After working with Amy I realized she is an asset to our restaurant well worth the price because what she does with photography is a talent I do not possess. I am more then happy to leave that job up to her. 

if you need more hands on help figuring out what your brand story can be, the VIP F&B session may be a great fit for you to cover all the bases of your brand. 

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Whether you're a restaurant owner who wants to showcase your food in the best light possible, a maker who needs professional product photos, or a small business owner who's ready to spruce up their online presence, I can help. Your passion deserves to shine.

Thank you for reaching out! I can't wait to hear more about you and your vision!
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