Product Photography

Product photography is different from my brand photography sessions because it's much more hands off. It's simple, streamlined, and I do 95% of the work! Best of all, you can be anywhere in the world!

Perfect for the business owner with an online only shop, who doesn't need headshots, and just needs a consistent updated portfolio of their products to tell their brand story and update their webpages. 

1. You ship your products to me
2. I plan the props, schedule models, shoot, edit, and deliver your gallery
3. You share the images on social, in emails, or on your site!

What to Expect

because I know having updated photos is important especially for sales and seasonal posts!

because I know true to life colors and crisp photos are important for brand trust and clean websites!

because your brand has their own colors and aesthetic! so every session comes with a questionnaire about your vision for the shoot and details of your brand.

Mini Social Kit

send up to 10 products
 25 images guaranteed
choose up to 2 styles
(product, lifestyle, or flatlay)

$350/month or $425 one time

send up to 20 products
 75 images guaranteed
choose up to 3 styles
(product, lifestyle, and flatlay)

Small Biz Kit

Full Brand Kit

send up to 45 products
 150 images guaranteed
choose up to 3 styles
(product, lifestyle, and flatlay)

$1100/month or $1400 one time

*monthly subscription price discount requires 3 month commitment paid in full at time of contract signing.
(quarterly packages available upon request.)
**products are kept and given to models as compensation. if products must be returned, client must pay a model fee and return shipping.


$700/month or $795 one time

Choosing a Style

lifestyle images show your product in use, usually with models, in a fitting environment. think real "life". great for social media and engaging audiences

product images are just your product with a neutral background, no props or extras. alone or in sets. great for website or collab images.

flatlay images are usually shot straight down and include little props and extras styled with your product. great for social media and email marketing.

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Whether you're a restaurant owner who wants to showcase your food in the best light possible, a maker who needs professional product photos, or a small business owner who's ready to spruce up their online presence, I can help. Your passion deserves to shine.

Thank you for reaching out! I can't wait to hear more about you and your vision!
I will reply to you within 24 hours. Talk so soon!!

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